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Oil Burning Candles

Starting at $13.00

Altar Candles

Starting at $22.20

Congregational and Candlelight Service Candles

Starting at $6.70

Candle Accessories

Starting at $6.05

Devotional Candles

Starting at $19.10

Devotional Tapers

Starting at $5.65

Votive Lights

Starting at $3.35

Specialty Candles

Starting at $3.00

Sacramental Candles

Starting at $2.40

Sanctuary Lights

Starting at $14.50

Devotional Plastic and Glass Candles

Price: $0.00

Baptism Will & Baumer

Starting at $1.95

Advent Candles

Starting at $6.55


Price: $155.00

Candlelighter w/Bell Snuffer

Price: $49.99

Divine Presence Sanctuary Lght

Price: $88.20

Votive Light Scraper

Price: $8.50

Robert Smith® Tabletop Advent Wreath

Price: $110.95

St. Anthony 6-Day Glass Candle

Price: $6.95

K544-CS Candlestick

Price: $190.00

K525-CS Candlestick

Price: $155.00

K535-CS Candlestick

Price: $165.00

K522 Candlestick

Price: $135.00

K312 Candlestick

Price: $130.00

K15 Candlestick

Price: $100.00

K526 Candlestick

Price: $70.00

K250 Candlestick

Price: $275.00

K875 Paschal Candle Holder

Price: $1,385.00

K873 Paschal Candle Holder

Price: $1,150.00

K851 Candlestick

Price: $295.00

K841 Candlestick

Price: $190.00

K862 Candlestick

Price: $695.00

K861 Candlestick

Price: $395.00

K871 Candlestick

Price: $465.00

K872 Candle Holder

Price: $845.00

K95 Paschal Candlestick

Price: $585.00

K558 Paschal Candlestick

Price: $735.00

K877 Candlestick

Price: $645.00

K171 Paschal Candlestick

Starting at $565.00

K540 Paschal Candlestick

Starting at $590.00

K99 Paschal Candle holder

Price: $635.00

K237 Processional Torch

Price: $295.00

K437 Processional Torch

Price: $425.00

K4015 Paschal Candle Holder

Price: $895.00

K931 Processional Candlestick

Starting at $695.00

K491 Processional Candlestick

Price: $785.00

K961 Processional Candlestick

Price: $775.00

K184 Dedication Candle Bracket

Price: $330.00

K339 Wall Candle Holder

Price: $150.00

K185 Dedication Wall Candle Cracket

Price: $325.00

K183 Dedication Candle Bracket

Price: $200.00

K621 Processional Candlestick

Starting at $595.00

K1135-LP Paschal Candle Holder

Price: $835.00

K1135 Paschal Candle Holder

Price: $845.00

9766PC Candle Light

Price: $110.00

9766PCF Candle Light

Price: $140.00

9768PC Candle Light

Price: $110.00

9768PCF Cemetery Candle Light

Price: $140.00