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K39 Sacristy Oil Set


Sacristy Oil Set - Includes 3 Aluminum Oil Stocks with threaded Covers OI, OS, SC. 1½" oz capacity, Case is 5½" wide x 3¾" high.

  • OS = The Oil of Catechumens ("Oleum Sanctum" or "Oleum Catechumenorum") is used in baptism along with water, in the consecration of a church, in the blessing of Altars and in the ordination to the priesthood.
  • SC = The Holy Chrism ("Sanctum Chrisma") or "Oil of Gladness," is made of olive oil mixed with a small amount of balm or balsam. It is used in the rites of confirmation, baptism, in the consecration of a Bishop, as well as the consecration of a various things such as churches, chalices, patens, and bells.
  • OI = The Oil of the Sick ("Oleum Infirmorum"), which is used in Unction for the anointing of the sick.


Sku: K39
Price: $285.00

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SKU Description Price
K39 Sacristy Oil Set $285.00
K39-C Case Only $75.00

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