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4 Cup Sacristy Bell with Handle

Price: $69.95

Church Bells

Price: $79.99

Three-Bell Sanctuary Bells

Price: $59.95

3-Bell Altar Bells

Price: $49.95

4-Bell Embossed Brass Altar Bells

Price: $59.99

Messengers of God 4-Bell Altar Bells

Price: $89.99

Sanctus Bells

Price: $99.99

Brass Bells

Price: $99.99

Altar Bells

Price: $115.00

Basilica Standing Sanctuary Bells

Price: $129.99

Oak Leaf Four Cup Hand Bells

Price: $69.99

Candlelighter w/Bell Snuffer

Price: $49.99

K601 Censer and Boat

Starting at $470.00

K801 Censer and Boat

Starting at $450.00

K701 Censer and Boat

Starting at $595.00

K501 Censer and Boat

Price: $945.00

K201 Censer and Boat

Price: $485.00

K301 Censer and Boat

Price: $495.00

K901 Censer and Boat

Price: $495.00

K1001 Censer and Boat

Starting at $240.00

K88 Boat with Spoon

Starting at $6.25

K407 Brass Censer

Starting at $120.00

K911 Censer and Boat

Price: $1,635.00

K907 Censer and Boat

Price: $1,245.00

K585 Hanging Sanctuary Lamp

Price: $3,820.00

K507 Hanging Sanctuary Lamp

Price: $3,100.00

K1205 Hanging Sanctuary Lamp

Price: $1,595.00

K297 Hanging Sanctuary Lamp

Price: $2,065.00

K663 Hanging Sanctuary Lamp

Price: $1,465.00

K153 Sanctuary Lamp

Price: $1,395.00

K664 Wall Bracket

Starting at $345.00

K210 Wall Bracket

Starting at $335.00

K163 Hanging Votive Lamp

Price: $120.00

K157 Ceiling Hook

Starting at $110.00

K562 Counter Balance

Starting at $1,210.00

K905 Tabernacle

Price: $2,415.00

K117 Tabernacle Safe

Price: $1,495.00

K676 Tabernacle

Price: $2,325.00

K904 Tabernacle

Price: $2,835.00

K334 Aluminum Tabernacle

Price: $895.00

K671 Tabernacle

Price: $8,955.00

K658 Tabernacle

Price: $5,965.00

K203 Sanctuary Lamp

Price: $1,075.00

K202 Devotional Candle Holder

Price: $1,035.00

K161 Sanctuary Lamp

Price: $495.00

K182 Sanctuary Lamp

Price: $275.00

K488 Sanctuary Lamp

Price: $585.00

K292 Sanctuary Lamp

Price: $54.00

K293 Sanctuary Lamp

Price: $52.00

K179 Sanctuary Lamp

Price: $345.00

K498-C Sanctuary Lamp

Price: $365.00

K296-E Electrified Sanctuary Lamp

Price: $295.00

K484 Vase

Price: $435.00

K481 Cross

Price: $625.00

K480 Candlestick

Price: $385.00

K322 Wedding Candelbra

Starting at $345.00

K497 Wedding Candle Holder

Price: $275.00

K475 Wedding Candelabra

Price: $775.00

K488 Sanctuary Lamp Bracket

Price: $585.00

K482 Altar Candelabra

Starting at $670.00

K487 Paschal Candle Holder

Price: $735.00

K134 Ring Tray

Starting at $48.00

K476 Floor Wedding Candelabra

Price: $1,385.00

K485 Paschal Candle Holder

Price: $775.00

K489 Pedestal

Price: $845.00


Starting at $1,285.00


Price: $655.00

K1130 Altar Candlestick

Price: $435.00


Price: $310.00

K750 Candlestick

Price: $360.00

K750 Candlestick

Price: $360.00

K750 Candlestick

Price: $360.00

K751 Altar Cross

Starting at $645.00

K754 Altar Vase

Price: $395.00

K409 Holy Water Sprinkler

Starting at $310.00

K752 Altar Candelabra

Price: $720.00

K384 Holy Water Pot and Sprinkler

Price: $545.00

K757 Processional Crucifix

Price: $1,495.00

K758 Processional Candlestick

Price: $835.00

K755 Processional Paschal Candlestick

Price: $845.00

K756 Floor Candelabra

Starting at $1,025.00

K759 Pedestal

Price: $845.00

K753 Floor Sanctuary Lamp

Price: $955.00

K248 Votive Stand

Price: $130.00


Price: $237.00


Price: $55.00


Price: $48.00

K4001 Altar Candlestick

Price: $385.00

K349-A Holy Water Font

Price: $195.00

K14 Holy Water Font

Price: $90.00

K349-B Holy Water Font

Price: $185.00

K249 Holy Water Font

Starting at $210.00

K149 Holy Water Font

Price: $295.00

K409 Holy Water Sprinkler

Starting at $310.00

K279 Pocket Sprinkler

Starting at $35.00

K704 Holy Water Sprinkler

Starting at $59.00

K189 Holy Water Pot And Sprinkler

Price: $330.00

K388 Holy Water Pot With Sprinkler

Price: $455.00

K384 Holy Water Pot and Sprinkler

Price: $545.00

K286 Holy Water Pot with Sprinkler and Liner

Price: $440.00

K76 Ewer

Price: $390.00

K217 Ewer

Price: $445.00

K218-G Basin

Price: $240.00

K219-P Ewer

Price: $165.00

K218-P Basin

Price: $120.00

Censer Stand with S/steel Holy Water Sprinkler

Price: $775.00

K191 Censer Stand

Price: $675.00

K156 Censer Stand

Starting at $495.00

K188 Censer Stand

Starting at $535.00

K176 Censer Stand

Starting at $550.00

9875PC Solar Light

Price: $145.00

9875PCF Solar Light

Price: $165.00

9872PC Solar Light

Price: $145.00

9872PCF Solar Light

Price: $165.00